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The Cocon storage system

Do you need to temporarily store your furniture? The Cocoon storage system makes it possible to keep your furniture in a waterproof bag on your own premises. You are no longer limited by a shortage of space, remote warehouses, vans or moving companies. You can now store your furniture within 30 minutes in your own backyard.  The Cocoon system is very suitable in case of refurbishing your home, indoor painting, floor improvement, structural alterations or installing a new kitchen etc.

The plastic bag is made of very strong and flexible black/white polyethylene plastic. Cocoon is very durable and impermeable to water. Special additives are used to protect the bag from UV radiation making it suitable for use in the open air. The bag is 320 cm wide and has a diameter of 200 cm when  optimally filled. The standard length is 6 mtr. which is sufficient for storing: a dining table with 6 chairs, 4 lounge chairs, 2- and 3 seat sofa, bookcase, 2 small tables and all your smaller items. With every mtr. in length you have 2.5 m³ storage space.  You can decide on the length of the bag and other dimensions are available upon request.


Look for the product video and instructions on If you need more information you can call: Cocoon storage system/Flex-Pack B.V. +31 651 783 221 (working days from 08.00-17.00 hours)

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