Our product range

Flex-Pack offers innovative packaging products for the consumer market, agricultural, horticultural and food industry. Some of these products have been on the market for a long time and others are relatively new. What they have in common is a high quality standard and a unique added value. This added value always saves money or increases revenues for the end user.

We have made it our goal to market these products in such a way that more and more customers will discover the benefits of our products. We take the time to help our customers and test our products on site for their specific use because we understand that our products are only a small part of a big process.

Product range


Flexible ice-packs and absorbers for the protection and cooling of fresh fish, meat, caviar, vegetables, fruit and medical products


Silobags and elastic tubes for storage of silage, grains and other agricultural bulk products.


Flower- and plant sleeves, micro-perforated films for growing plants on growing tables and OPP sheets for wrapping flowers.


Cocoon storage system for temporarily storing your furniture in a waterproof bag on your own premises.


Perforation of hanging- and air holes in flower and plant sleeves. Add bottom seals in plant sleeves. Cut plastic, paper and non-woven sheets.