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Flex-Pack possesses a number of machines which can be used for working up plastic films, paper and non-woven products. We can punch air holes and hanging holes, cut materials and seal flexible plastics.

Air holes

For flower- and plant sleeves we have developed a machine which can rapidly and accurately punch air holes for ventilation. The punch diameters are 10, 12, 14 and 16 mm. The hole to hole distance is 5 cm. or a multiple of 5 cm.

Hanging holes

Flowers and plants are often packed by a machine. When a sleeve producer punches the holes in the wrong spot or forgets to punch them at all, we can correct their error. For this we have developed an unique machine which can punch the holes in every desired pattern. Here too the standard punch diameters are 10, 12, 14 and 16 mm. With these punches we cover all possible patterns for the Terra, Flier, Createch and Bercomex machines.

Cut flexible materials

With our computer-controlled cutting machine with a width of 130 cm we can cut flexible plastics, paper and non-wovens. We cut sheets and sleeves to the desired dimensions or remove excess materials without a problem.

Sealing flexible plastics

For making seals in flexible plastic we have 10 seal machines for manual operation. In close cooperation with several social work organisations we can manage big projects. Applying bottom seals in sleeves is our main business with these seal machines.