Elastic tubes

The alternative for wrapping bales in stretch film is storing the bales in a tube. The bale tubes are made of stretch polyethylene. A Bale Tubing machine stretches the tube and the bales are pushed in one after another. When the tube resumes its original size the bale is stored with no air included. A typical Elastic tube processing machine has the ability to tube up to 100 round bales per hour!

The Silobolsa┬« elastic tube is a fast, economical and reliable form of storage for round and/or large square baled silage. The elastic tubes have a thickness of 100 ┬Ám and they are available in various sizes.

Specifications of most common sizes:

Diameter / mtr Layflat size Length / Meters gauge Quantaty / pallet
1.20 1.90 mtr. 45 100 micron 28
1.20 1.90 mtr. 60 100 micron 28
1.20 2.05 mtr. 45 100 micron 28
1.30 2.05 mtr. 60 100 micron 28