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Silovent pressure valves

Silovent® is a valve unit intended for providing a release of the gas pressure which is generated in sealed packages containing biomass. The Silovent® valve unit is designed to permit its pricking through the protective material, usually a plastic film. The valve attaches to the plastic film providing an access to the biomass. The valve mechanism is a non-return release valve permitting a release of the overpressure, which always, for different reasons, is present in packages containing biomass, e.g. grass, grain or the like.

The ensiling and storage of damp biomass, which is primarily intended as food for livestock, calls for special measures concerning the handling and storage. It is necessary for the environment inside the packages to be as free from oxygen as possible. This avoids undesired biological processes in the form of mould, fungi and the like developing in the biomass and leading to its destruction.

The oxygen which remains in the biomass after packaging is unable to escape in the traditional ensiling process. Over time the biomass sets which makes it more compact. The air is unable to escape from the decreased volume causing the film to bulge. In every ensiling process there is a production of gas. This gas also expands the film package which in turn causes a great risk of the wind working it loose causing the inflow of oxygen and possible repair work on the silo.

Even though the plastic material used is comparatively tight, it can not be guaranteed that a pointed straw, a stone or some other object will not be able to cause some minor damage in the plastic material. The result will then be that air containing oxygen will be “pumped” into the package through the damage, i.e. as a result of changes in the air pressure.

Sampling of the biomass or releasing the gas is usually performed by making a hole in the plastic material of the package. Once the sample has been taken, the hole made is filled by means of a suitable adhesive tape. Should it, however, be damp in the area surrounding the hole, the tape will not stick securely, and should there be minor folds in the film surrounding the hole made, problems may occur concerning the adhesion of the tape as well as the tightness. In both cases air penetration may occur to a greater or lesser degree, leading to oxygen entering the package.

To avoid the inflow of oxygen caused by the above mentioned situations The Silovent® valve has been developed. The valve can be pricked through the plastic film and the rubber ring will secure it airtight. The valve will open when overpressure occurs inside the biomass and will close automatically when the pressure has stabilised. Silovent®. This is a professional solution to the common problem of the inflow of oxygen and will protect the quality of the biomass.