Flower and plant sleeves

Flex-Pack offers high quality flower- and plant sleeves at very competitive prices. Our sleeves are produced by a Chinese company with more than 10 years experience in producing plain and printed sleeves. Flex-Pack is one of the market leaders in sleeves for automatic sleeve machines. We have extensive experience with Flier, Terra and Createch machines.

  • We use high quality cast PP and very clear OPP for production of the sleeves. Our anti-static films are superior in both anti-static properties and haze/gloss specifications.
  • Our seal machines make very strong seals due to the engineering of the seal units and an optimal combination of time, temperature and pressure in the sealing process.
  • Flex-Pack can deliver all sleeve shapes. With our cutting and punching equipment we can make sleeves for every purpose.
  • We print our sleeves with Copper plate printing presses. Compared to Flexo print units we can produce designs with deeper colours and sharper lines. Especially photo prints come out much better with our printing machines.