PPS200 film

Micro perforated plastic film when placed over capillary matting offers many advantages, for example: reduced evaporation, increased matting life, reduced algae growth, aids crop spacing and improved hygiene. All of this without impairing the capillary action of the matting.

PPS200® is a capillary film with symbol prints spaced to permit easy, accurate spacing of pots on the bench, even by untrained workers. There are 4 different spacing systems, each with its own symbol. PPS200® is available in black film with grey symbols or grey/white film with black symbols. It comes standard in 2 x 300 mtr. rolls. (6.5 x 984 Ft.) PPS200® is also available in combination with capillary matting.

Center to Center spacing Number of pots
Figure Inches mm. Sq. Ft. M2
Dots 4.9 124 6.94 74.7
Circles 5.6 142 5.36 57.7
Triangles 6.53 166 3.98 42.9
Squares 7.84 199 2.79 30.2